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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pay Per Play Profits

Warning! A HUGE Online Advertising Revolution On The Horizon Is About To Explode In The Coming Weeks!

This Unprecedented Revolution Is About To Pay Website Owners BIG Time - For The First Time Ever, Website Owners Can Get Paid By Multi-Million Dollar Companies For Each And Every Visitor They Generate To Their Sites!

But That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg - The Few People Who Promote This New "Pay Per Play" Revolution Are Looking At A Lifetime Of Unlimited Residual Income Two Levels Deep (And It Could Be Switched On By Sending One Simple Email To Your List)...

(Make No Mistake - This Is The Internet Marketing Opportunity Of A Lifetime - But Blink And A Sea Of Untapped Profits Will Rush By You)...

Introducing "Pay Per Play Profits" - The Stunning New Guide That Shows You Some Incredible Opportunities To Earn From This Exciting New Advertising Revolution...

Pay Per Play profits is an outrageously powerful new report that goes well beyond the mechanics of how and why pay per play works. It's a short, incredibly hard-hitting blueprint that teaches you how you could earn several automatic and residual streams of income using the pay per play advertising model.

Here's just a taster of what you'll discover inside Pay Per Play Profits:

The need for "Pay Per Play" How the internet advertising industry has evolved and why pay per play could be bigger than every form of advertising you see now (including PPC, conventional pay-per-sale and pay-per-leads). Online and offline advertising trends (and why the tide is turning enormously toward website owners).

What exactly is pay per play? How it works, and how it addresses the biggest problem that both website owners and huge companies looking for advertising face.

Which website owners can benefit from pay per play?

The logistics of pay per play - How adverts are displayed and matched on your site, and a working example of a site with PPP installed.

The benefits of pay per play - Why pay per play ads are so cool... barely noticed and unobtrusive requiring no action or involvement whatsoever from the website visitor. This is important - some adverts online are mind-numbingly irritating (pop-ups, videos that just start up and paralyze and take control of your browser etc) - pay per leads have none of these effects.

How you can make money with pay per play right now.

But there's also a shocking window of opportunity open right now to promote the very concept of pay per play - and it's this that can generate those unlimited streams of residual income for you...months, years and even decades down the line!

Imagine if you could have been a partner when Google were promoting Adsense. Imagine if you could have earned lifetime commissions from every ad displayed on every website that you referred Adsense to. Let me tell you, you'd probably be sitting on a beach in the Maldives sipping a MaiTai right now.

That's exactly the same opportunity that you have right now with pay per play - but you MUST take action immediately, because once this information gets out, there will be absolute mayhem to refer as many sites to PPP as possible.

Here's where Pay Per Play Profits gets really interesting, because you'll also discover:

The best pay per play company to partner with - This company has a track record and has been backed by a major search engine to deliver billions of PPP ads over the coming months. My word, if I could invest in it today, I would!

How to get lifetime commissions from websites you refer (on two levels) - If you take away only one thing from this entire message, it should be this. You'll learn how you could get lifetime commissions on every ad posted on all your referral websites - on two levels. Do you have any idea how huge this could be for you?

Illustrations of how just a couple of referrals could lead to thousands in residual monthly income. (Ten referrals = $3,000 in monthly income?)

How to sign up to do the above for free.

Remember - this is information that the rest of the world is blissfully unaware of. For the lucky people who take this information on board, and apply the advice offered in this shocking report... lifelong monthly commissions are up for grabs from an entire WORLD of websites (well over 500 million of them in fact).


Sridhar said...


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♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow..your good at endorsing huh..? :P

visit my blog if you have time

Rincel said...


hehehe.. thanks ayu!
God bless you indeed

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