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Monday, February 1, 2010

♥ Love One ♥

Time and again,
I ask myself why
Things would have to turn out this way?

Lose the one you love,

Experience broken hearts,

Cry in pain, be in the dark.

I really thought being with someone you love

Would be enough, but I guess, I thought it all wrong.
I've realized that time will come, me and my love one
will be apart...

No more kisses, and embrace. . .

No more I Love You's.

I guess we really have to believe in magic,
Once the magic is gone, be prepared,

Be brave, be strong to face what's in store for you next.

And one should realize that life must go on,
It may be sad, it may be hard.

If you're really not meant for each other
Then face the fact,

The reality that everything in this world has an ending.

But my love one,

My love didn't change the way it was,
I know you won't believe it but that's the way it is.

One must choose, one must sacrifice.

I choose to be alone but still loving you,
I've sacrificed everything even our precious relationship
'Coz I know you've gone through a lot of hardships because of me.
So I guess setting you free and letting you go would be

The best way for me to say I LOVE YOU so. . .

My dear, always remember that I'll be loving you forever

And who knows, the best of romances

Might somehow deserves second chances. . .

Daisy sana maka-relate ka dito.. ^_^
God bless you.


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